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The multipurpose - shelf Squambo comes in two sections of a different size. The number of sections that may be combined is almost unlimited. Section 1 consists of one large and two smaller cubes. Two small cubes match the size of a large one. Front- and backsides of all cubes are open. Section 2 consists of two large, and one small cube, half as wide as the large one.

Due to the two different sizes of cubes both sections offer an unlimited amount of combinations, when being put together. The system becomes a seat, room divider, video-/audio or wall-shelf, or just a design highlight.

An alternate appearance may be realized by using different kinds of surfaces for the panels.

Since for the above shelf-system Squambo only two different standard panels are used, tooling may be kept simple and cost of production should be manageable.

This also requires only a small inventory during production and distributing.